Rapid diversion of fast flowing flood waters

FloodFence from Fluvial Innovations

FloodFence is a low cost tool for rapidly diverting fast flowing waters. Quick and easy to deploy – just click and connect up the sections – it is ideal for chemical spills, burst water main diversion and flood protection. The product can also be stacked neatly, meaning 40m of barrier can fit onto a single pallet.

Fluvial Innovations has been working and supplying technology in the flood defence industry for over 10 years. It has supplied many miles of flood barrier to hundreds of customers around the world. The company operates worldwide, with manufacturing and distributor networks set up in Europe, Asia and The Americas.

In 2018, Fluvial Innovations Ltd was announced as a winner of the Queen’s Award for Enterprise for Innovation, an award known globally as a mark of excellence and the highest official UK award for British companies.

The Floodstop system

Fluvial Innovations also designs, manufactures and supplies Floodstop barriers. Floodstop is a robust system, which is tidal and wind resistant. Once deployed you can be safe in the knowledge a flood defence measure has been implemented, which is difficult for prying hands to disband.

From launching the product in 2008, Floodstop has since been sold throughout the world, protecting private households, businesses, governmental bodies and vital infrastructures. Its prestigious client list includes nuclear sites, San Francisco public utilities, The UK Environment Agency, Coca Cola, Warsaw Metro, The National Trust and The RAF.

Fluvial Innovations’ flood barrier systems provide a proven and effective flood prevention method. They can be assembled to any length and be arranged to suit any direction and opening.