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Whether you are a first responder looking for clinical decision support, an operations manager deploying equipment across a system or a medical director understanding a clinical challenge, Philips IntelliSpace Corsium is here to help support your clinical decisions with rich data and clear guidance.

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Here are the ways that Philips IntelliSpace Corsium can support you:

Quick, efficient review of ECGs and vital signs – Clinical data (such as ECGs and patient vital signs) is securely shared with a selected support centre or hospital. This next level of care can then provide diagnosis, clinical decision support and transport instructions directly back to the Tempus Pro system.

View data the way you want – Data from multiple Tempus Pro systems can be securely viewed via a web browser by clinicians supporting the care provided on scene, during transport, or when preparing to receive the patient on handover. Both live and historical patient data can be viewed on a range of devices without the need for additional software or applications.

Automated shared data – The Tempus ALS system1, collects Summary Record of Care (SRoC)2 data, including vital signs, ECGs, images, on-screen trends and scoring/map data. This information is then transmitted to Corsium, supporting informed clinical decision-making and facilitating the integration of care systems across the healthcare environment.

Data transmission you can trust – Data is streamed automatically to Corsium during the initial assessment and transport of the patient. Encrypted data from the Tempus Pro monitor passes over the Internet to the Corsium via cloud-based infrastructure and is continually monitored and managed for security compliance. Data can be received from the Tempus Pro using a wide range of methods.

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1 Tempus ALS is a modular system comprised of a Tempus Pro monitor and a Tempus LS defibrillator.

2 The SRoC data set is fully configurable by the user’s organisation.