Realistic healthcare simulation

Limbs & Things is a leading healthcare simulation manufacturer committed to improving patient outcomes by providing task trainers that facilitate realistic learning experiences for medical professionals. Operating globally with over 80 distributors, the company’s head office and manufacturing site is in Bristol, with offices in Australia, US and Sweden.

The company works in close collaboration with clinicians to research, design and create products that support clinical educators to deliver curriculum requirements, bringing greater confidence and competence to healthcare professionals worldwide.

Limbs & Things specialises in researching and developing task trainers in the areas of: physical examination skills; procedural skills; and specialist skills. These products are used within healthcare organisations, medical and nursing education, and the military to teach a range of skills, from basic medical and surgical to advanced specialist procedures.

Supporting different levels of training, Limbs & Things’ task trainers enable medical professionals to teach and practice skills for a range of examinations and procedures in areas including women’s health, men’s health, general medical checks, and surgical procedures.