Remouldable emergency services PPE earplugs launched

UK based company ZenPlugs has launched a completely new type of moulded PPE earplug kit, which are moulded to your ears individually, making them incredibly comfortable and effective at keeping sound and water out.

The earplugs include the antibacterial compound Steritouch, which kills all bacteria that cause ear infections, including MRSA and Pseudomonas. Because the plugs are moulded they don’t press on the delicate lining of the ear, increasing wearer comfort and stopping them falling out.

Other moulded earplug kits use a two-part silicon mix, which cannot be remoulded once it has set. If silicon plugs don’t fit well, are too big or get damaged you have to buy another set. ZenPlugs can be remoulded as many times as you need. Because the plugs can be used around a thousand times there is a significant cost benefit over disposable plugs.

Inventor Dr Toby Bateson said, “We are proud to have passed the Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) CE Marking Standard to CE EN 352-2 2002, which rated ZenPlugs as having an SNR of 22. This means that the plugs can be used for dangerous noise levels in emergency situations.

“I founded ZenPlugs seven years ago when I realised there was a potential market for a really good pair of moulded earplugs. As a shift worker I had experience of a wide range of earplugs and found most of them lacking in several ways so decided to develop a product, which was better in every way. After a long period of research I discovered a material, which softened in hot water and could be moulded directly in the ear at home to give a brilliant pair of earplugs. The final recipe is a trade secret and no other plugs are using a similar material.”