Research project launches to uncover the real issues our firefighters face when protecting the nation

FlamePro, a British manufacturing specialist of life-saving garments for firefighters, has launched a national survey in a bid to uncover the key issues that firefighters are currently facing.

The anonymous research will provide a rare opportunity to gain insight into the minds and experiences of frontline firefighters. It’s hoped the project will help shape the future of the industry and ensure the safety of firefighters across the country.

The survey is designed to increase transparency across the fire fighting industry, by providing an authentic, undisputed viewpoint into the sentiment of firefighters on the ground. The findings of the survey will be released and distributed among key industry professionals as a full written report, to help further drive innovation across the sector.

Reece Buchner, Technical Sales Manager at FlamePro, said, “The purpose of this survey is simple. We want to better understand how we can support the industry by speaking to those that have their boots on the ground.

“Even when you take into consideration just the past 12 months – the role of the firefighter has changed drastically as a result of the pandemic. Yet, for an industry experiencing such rapid change, we worry that modernisation within the sector is falling behind.

“We want to use this research as an opportunity to shine a spotlight on industry change, and help to support innovation from the ground upwards – something we know there is an appetite for at all levels.”

The survey can be found here. Firefighters from across the UK are encouraged to take part and share their experiences in a bid to futureproof safety across the industry.