Respond with your command and control centre in tow

K2 Off Road Caravan Specialist Limited has developed a unique off-road chassis to use with many platforms in mind. The unit has multiple uses, such as first aid, major incident command centre and welfare unit, for emergency services around the world, including police, ambulance, fire and rescue, coastguard, mountain rescue, military and security services, to name but a few.

The K2 utility/command vehicle, with its purpose-built chassis, linked to the full travel off-road suspension system developed alongside Cruisemaster (who are specialists in this field), is capable of deploying in the most inhospitable locations.

The cost savings of using the vehicle could range into the hundreds of thousands when comparing purchasing a purpose-built vehicle to towing a command unit, which is significant, given that most services will already have a suitable tow vehicle. Collaboration is an option for all the emergency services, as many move towards combined command and control room environments – why not also share a fully mobile, access all areas, command and control centre?

Richard Fenton, Director of K2, said, “The capabilities and functionality of our off-road units are endless. We can design a vehicle unique to the individual customer requirements, be they from the emergency services, military or security services, and enable them to respond with appropriate equipment to deal with any given situation.”