Reveal makes free body camera offer

Key workers are under increased pressure during this time of national emergency and are being asked to adapt daily to new guidance and measures from the Government to keep us all safe.

What largely goes unreported is the increased level of aggression and threatening behaviour our key workers are facing while on the front line.

Reveal wants to help key workers in these tense and upsetting situations and is offering a limited number of D3 or Calla body camera kits free of charge and fully supported for three months to emergency services personnel actively involved in the current COVID-19 crisis. There are no set up headaches to endure, everything in the kit is installed and ready to use. All you do is plug it in and go.

Reveal’s aim is to give users immediate access to the latest body camera technology and the benefits it brings in tense situations, such as a rapid de-escalation of aggression. Helping you feel safer while you make the world safer for us.

If this is something you feel your organisation would benefit from please register your interest here: