Rosenbauer completes merger with North Fire plc

On 24 April 2014, Rosenbauer International completed the acquisition of the majority shareholding (75{b782e6485bad54f4d4eef610261c499b39e6ceae36370d8b5dbb547d38ca2d22}) in North Fire plc and will re-brand to Rosenbauer UK in the coming days.

The strategic move has been made following the recent launch of the full Rosenbauer fleet options into the UK by Rosenbauer and North Fire, and with forecasts showing significant growth on the imminent horizon the two companies have come together to intensify the service and manufacturing elements required to raise the bar of quality and efficiency from a fire appliance and vehicle component perspective. Fire fighting equipment and Argus Thermal Imaging products will maintain their current, high level of support and service back-up with the current market leading product ranges such as the Argus Mi-TIC and Rosenbauer HEROS-xtreme fire helmets continuing to flourish on UK soil.

Rosenbauer UK will remain partly British-owned too, with North Fire’s Managing Director, Oliver North, retaining a 25{b782e6485bad54f4d4eef610261c499b39e6ceae36370d8b5dbb547d38ca2d22} shareholding in the new company, and the excellent North Fire Team will transfer seamlessly across to the new organisation in their entirety, keeping the current West Yorkshire base as its headquarters.

Oliver North, Managing Director, Rosenbauer UK, said, “We’re absolutely delighted to have merged with the biggest and best fire fighting vehicle and equipment manufacturer in the world. Our sole aim has always been to provide sheer quality in terms of fleet and equipment products, and merging the two companies will give the most sustainable platform over and above any other vehicle supplier in Britain.

“With the absolute ‘best in class’ of Rosenbauer fire fighting vehicles, aerials and equipment, coupled together with an extremely buoyant and exciting thermal imaging product range, we’re very excited at what the future holds, not only for ourselves but for our customers, who are in my opinion amongst the most professional fire and rescue services on the planet.”

Dr Dieter Siegel, Chief Executive Officer, Rosenbauer Group, said, “The fire and rescue services in the United Kingdom are very well known for their professionalism and with our fleet options being regarded as arguably the best on the planet, we feel we are as well-placed to provide improvements, dynamism and quality to the Brigades as they look to achieve their utmost in delivering savingswhilst increasing their efficiency. North Fire plc have proven over the past few years that they are genuinely the ‘favourite’ supplier on UK shores.

“The efficiency and work ethic demonstrated by the North Fire team over the past six years has impressed their customers and in turn us, the Rosenbauer Group. By acquiring the company who have been an efficient and loyal distributor, we are now excited to grow the firm together, by providing a world-class offering of fleet and equipment products.”