Rosenbauer launches new Boros range of fire boots

Rosenbauer has launched a new line of protective boots that are designed to help firefighters overcome the toughest challenges.

The boots offer firefighters a wide range of benefits, including: maximum protection and grip for all types of fire fighting and rescue operations; excellent wearing comfort; and an innovative closing system, which ensures the Boros B4 is quick and easy to put on and take off.

The new series of boots features two innovative products, which are known as the BOROS B1 pull-on-boot and the BOROS B4.

To develop the new range of boots, Rosenbauer worked closely with a wide range of internal and external stakeholders, including technicians, designers and shoe sole specialists. The Rosenbauer team also took on board advice and feedback from emergency response organisations, whose feedback was invaluable during the product testing phase of development.

What sets the BOROS line apart is its ability to combine high performance functionality and excellent workmanship, without compromising on design and aesthetics. In addition to looking great, thanks to its sporty design, the boots offer maximum protection in all operational situations. Furthermore, firefighters benefit from perfect wearing comfort thanks to an ergonomic design that can be adapted to fit various foot shapes.

Maximum protection and grip

The BOROS range continues Rosenbauer’s long-standing commitment to developing high-quality fire fighting equipment. The BOROS boots comply with the latest safety regulations and standards for fire fighting boots, EN 15090:2012 (F2A, HI3, CI, AN, SRC).

The outer material consists solely of premium bull leather and is reinforced with double and triple seams to guarantee maximum safety and long-lasting durability. The leather is sourced from environmentally friendly and socially responsible suppliers. To ensure the best possible quality, the manufacturing of the boots is completed in accordance with the strictest quality standards in Europe.

The boots’ sole features a high-quality rubber mix and unique pattern that was developed in collaboration with Michelin. The sole has been specially designed to meet the needs of fire and rescue service teams. For example, the robust sole absorbs all forces exerted onto the boots from any direction, while simultaneously offering maximum slip protection on wet surfaces, snow and ice.

To provide reliable protection from external penetration, blows and impacts the boots feature numerous safety measures, including: a steel insert embedded into the sole; durable steel caps to protect the toe area; TPU protectors to prevent wear and tear, as well as provide protection to the heel and toe areas; and the insoles feature shock-absorbing technology to help stabilise the foot.

The ankle protection is tested according to the guidelines for safety shoes EN 20345:2012, and is padded with a special foam that adapts exceptionally to the shape of the ankle and cushions incrementally when compressed.

Optimal fit

The insoles have been completely redesigned for the BOROS line and – together with a modern and dynamic cut – ensure an excellent fit. Each model is available in 17 sizes (from 36 to 52 – European sizes), with width adjustments available via the insoles.

Innovative quick release fastener

The BOROS B4 is unrivalled when it comes to speed. The new quick release fastener is equipped with lacing and lateral adjustment hooks to improve efficiency.

Once the forefoot (lower zone) and shaft (upper zone) have been set, firefighters can pull up the strap until it is locked, and they are ready to go. Taking the BOROS B4 boots off is equally efficient. Users can simply push the buckle forward to open the boots.

Putting on and taking off the boots is made even easier by the extreme mobility of the 360° flex zone. The flex zone is supported by robust loops on the upper area and a slip-off aid is integrated into the rear part of the sole – this technology can be found on all protective boots from Rosenbauer.

Available to order

The BOROS range of boots has been designed and optimised to meet the needs of fire and rescue service teams. The new line of boots combines high-tech materials, innovative technology and modern design to provide firefighters with enhanced protection and optimal comfort.

The Boros B1 and B4 models can be ordered immediately, and deliveries are expected to start in late April 2021.