Safelocking offers bespoke access control

The modern workplace, be it in the public or private sector, presents unique challenges to today’s security professionals. Keeping large numbers of keys, vehicles and devices all safe, and yet accessible at all times for authorised staff, is enabled by the use of a IQ key and asset management system.

Whether it is permanent staff or temporary contractors, the footfall in secure areas can be controlled, monitored and recorded by date and time.

Access to the IQ key and asset management system is by: pin code; card; biometric entry; or dual authentication. On entering the system only, the authorised key or keys allocated to the individual can be removed and must be returned within the allocated time frame. An alarm will be triggered if the key is not returned within the timeframe, and an e-mail will be automatically sent to the administrator.

The modular design of the key panels and storage boxes allows for a custom built and variable system, logging and tracking every key movement.

The cabinets can operate as: stand alone, simply plug and play; and can be integrated into companies’ ERP and access control systems.

Fleet locking – the key to fleet control

The IQ system managing keys and assets now allows you to book vehicles to individuals or teams, with optional time restrictions. All controlled by RFID technology, you can book your vehicle by time, report mileage, damage and service history. This latest and exciting software update was launched in Autumn 2021.

The Fleet Locking software includes a secure ‘one way trip’ feature, which enables vehicles to be deposited at different locations that have been linked and authorised by the company fleet manager. All activities are automatically reported daily via e-mail to the administrator.

This bespoke system allows secure storage of related work items in boxes of your required size, under the key positions, in the same cabinet. This user friendly, easy to use system facilitates ease of movement in what is sometimes a rather confined space for the workforce.

Weapon storage cabinet

The weapon storage system has pressure sensors, allowing the system to recognise whether the weapon is in place.

Weighted trays

The weighted trays in the lockers are unique to the IQ cabinet. As with the normal locker, an authorised key opens the box so that the item can be removed – for example if an unloaded pistol is removed from the cabinet, but was replaced loaded into the locker, an alarm would be triggered in the cabinet and an e-mail sent to the administrator.

Keyring options include: Smart Key Holder – a one-time use keyring, with wired cable, which keeps your keys secured and together; and Sealed Keyring – a secure keyring with resealable feature, which has been designed to prevent unauthorised key removal/exchange, with cost benefit of recycling the ring using special tooling.

Whether it be simple plug and play, charging lockers, managing your fleet or a synchronised system completing the loop of your access control package. The IQ cabinet provides a comprehensive audited key and asset management system. It comes complete with two-year warranty, remote assistance, battery backup and no annual licence fee.