Samsung debuts new smartphone for ESN

Samsung Electronics has revealed its new smartphone device that will be deployed to frontline emergency staff as part of the roll-out of the Emergency Services Network (ESN). The device has been showcased at British APCO, a leading public safety technology event.

Developed through extensive R&D, the smartphone supplied by Samsung is fully optimised for the emergency environment, supporting all emergency services functionality and critical voice services.

Through ‘Public Safety-LTE’ 4G networking, users will have access to both prioritised voice calls and rich data applications on the same device for the first time; which could include live video broadcasting and quick access to records and intelligence. With a ‘push to talk’ button, users can communicate instantly across emergency service talk groups to better cooperate when responding to tasks.

Ruggedised for use in the field, the device also features a damage-resistant, Gorilla Glass 4 screen and IP68 water and dust resistance.

It is anticipated that the use of a single ESN 4G device will be more efficient and cost-effective than using a combination of the existing Airwave devices with multiple commercial networks and standard 4G devices.

Currently undergoing delivery, the Emergency Services Network (ESN) will provide secure and resilient voice communication as well as broadband data services, replacing the current Airwave system, which is mainly limited to voice radio.

Nick Ross, Head of Public Safety, Samsung UK & Ireland, said, “Emergency services staff on the front line require devices that are tough and reliable with seamless connectivity. Through rigorous testing specific to the needs of critical communications, we have developed a device that delivers on all of these points. We look forward to an ongoing partnership with ESN and UK emergency services organisations, making next-generation technology available across the public safety community.”