SATcase™ teams up with SunnyBAG to ensure long lasting satellite connection

7. SATcaseSATcase™, a revolutionary device that adds satellite connectivity and Search and Rescue (SAR) capability to the common smartphone (as featured in the June issue of EST), has teamed up with award-winning manufacturer SunnyBAG to add solar power to the offering. This means that users will now benefit from increased battery life, and longer lasting satellite connectivity, when other power sources are out of range.

SATcase™ has been designed to boost the personal security of individual owners. The hardware, a ruggedised case, works in conjunction with an application to transform a standard smartphone into a sophisticated satellite phone. It includes a smart mix of emergency features such as an SOS button, two way rescue communications, online track and trace for live monitoring, silent alarms and infrared strobes for victims of kidnapping. These capabilities remove any uncertainty, helping SAR teams to save lives more efficiently and reducing the financial costs often incurred during a rescue operation.

SATcase SunnyBAG1SunnyBAG produces a range of bags that include integrated flexible solar panels. These panels enable each bag to convert sunlight into electrical power, creating personal power stations for charging mobile devices. As part of a strategic partnership, SunnyBAG is set to create a purpose-designed durable, yet lightweight bag to hold the SATcase™ when not in use. This will ensure the unit remains charged from a never-ending source of energy – the sun.

The idea behind the partnership is to utilise the capabilities of each product in order to keep people safe in remote areas. Both products could prove to be vital pieces of kit for outdoor enthusiasts, human-aid workers, pilots, military and security operatives and many others.

Founder and CEO of SATcase™, Jim Thomson, says, “The SATcase™ is designed for use in remote areas, so the challenge is to maintain a charged battery to enable the equipment to be operated anytime, anywhere. We had already dispensed with the need for a dedicated charger as the SATcase™ can be charged from virtually any power source via a 2.5mm jack. However, for those working or living remotely for a longer period of time, solar power is the perfect solution. We’re delighted to be partnering with another young, innovative company to produce game-changing technology that will potentially save lives.”

Stefan Ponsold, CEO of SunnyBAG, added, “SunnyBAG provides the perfect energy source in rural areas, especially in combination with SATcase™. We have developed solar bags for use in rural areas of Africa for years. Our experience will be integrated into our partnership with SATcase™ and we are pleased to support them with both our technology and our network to NGOs.”