Save lives with Pokémon Go technology

A new Augmented Reality technology allowing emergency services to identify vital risk information called Symphony AR has been launched by Surrey based IT company Aligned Assets.

Using a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses, front line staff can identify relevant information such as hazards through Pokémon Go style augmented reality. For example, a firefighter could identify explosive materials close to a fire, and where there are vulnerable residents – information which will help protect people and save lives. See how it works below.

Until now, emergency services have phoned a control room to access such information. With this new technology, staff can see local information immediately through a smartphone, tablet or smart glasses – similar to Pokémon Go, but highlighting vital information for use in emergencies rather than chasing and battling Pokémon. Information includes the location of hazardous chemicals, dangerous dogs, elderly and disabled people; information which can keep staff and the public safe, and ensure action is swift and effective.

The technology has been developed by Aligned Assets, a small niche provider of Address Management systems to emergency services, local authorities, utilities and other public sector organisations.