Say hello to Unibank™ – The power bank regenerated

Power limitations should not compromise safety. The one over-arching certainty for every power bank available in the market, is at some point, no matter how many mAH, they will run out of power – usually at the most critical time. Wave goodbye to this problem and say hello to Unibank.

Introducing the international award-winning pull and power charger, Unibank™. This ground-breaking technology offers the ability to create 25 minutes of talk time from 90 seconds of pulling, along with a choice of four versatile attachments: ambient light, panic alarm, laser line distance measure and Bluetooth speaker – all controlled by an intuitive app.

The design has not gone unnoticed, in 2019 Unibank™ received the global acclaim at the International Design Awards winning in both categories of Sustainable Living Environmental Preservation and Alternative Energy Source Equipment.

The fundamentals of the product house a 5000mAH battery capacity, with a built in LED torch and USB port, but Unibank™ offers much more than this. The pull cord mechanism located at the back of the unit allows the user to create power with the use of a clever primary generator and a secondary source from the recoil motion.

The ambient light offers a smart, RGB light experience with a vast array of colours to choose from. Unibank’s ambient light attachment provides bright personal illumination that will never run out of power – ideal for those that work remotely and need to be visible for safe operation.

Complete safety solution

The panic alarm attachment provides a complete safety solution to anyone who may find themselves in a compromised position. The dual function is the 120db siren, which can be activated by a press of a button, providing a quick and efficient safety alert. Secondly, once paired with the Unibank™ App, the alarm has been designed to send a personalised emergency text message to a list of chosen, pre-set contacts, by a simple press of the two buttons on each side of the unit. This message also includes the GPS coordinates, so the person in danger can be located easily and quickly.

The most advanced tier of the alarm’s functionality is the partnership with Lone Worker Solutions. The Unibank™ team has taken safety to the next level, allowing a user to access a multi-lone worker service, with dedicated response centres who can provide critical delivery of emergency responses 24/7, whatever the situation.

The laser line distance measure attachment is the first of its kind to include a laser line, distance measure and spirit level in a single device. This clever tool is perfect for on the scene specialists, allowing for single and volumetric measurements to be calculated accurately in both imperial and metric system. The app feature seamlessly pairs to a smart device and lets you record, store, and categorise measurements, which can then be sent via email as a compatible CSV file.

There are many Bluetooth speakers out in the market, but they are prohibited by battery capacity. Unibank™ offers a unique solution and competitive advantage, providing unlimited power, lasting up to 33 hours of play time from a fully charged unit.

Peripheral options

To complement the use of all the attachments, there are two peripheral options available: a body clip and arm strap; and a silicone protective jacket, available in various colours. The clip and arm strap can be easily attached and adjusted to the body, which is ideal for those who require power on the go. The protective silicone sleeve provides an enhanced grip and robust protection against any accidental damages and adds to the longevity of the product.

Whether you are in the blue light fleet needing the security of a distress signal panic alarm or a key worker wanting unlimited power during a long shift, Unibank™ is the go-to device. Rest assured; you will never be limited again by the constraints of finite power.

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