SCAS chooses to modernise its workforce management software

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SCAS) is replacing its legacy range of electronic workforce management systems with Allocate’s HealthRoster Platform. This will enable the trust to better support its response to patients, improve the management and reporting of worked hours, legal compliance with Working Time Directives and align pay and rostering systems for all staff groups onto a single system.

HealthRoster replaces the current three software systems used to roster the substantive, private provider, bank and agency staff, as well as record overtime hours. The trust handles frontline operations and Clinical Coordination Centres for 999, NHS 111 and Patient Transport Service (PTS) services across four counties, in addition to Surrey and Sussex where it provides PTS operations. The move to HealthRoster, will see the use of a single integrated platform that will enable management of staff across the different workforce environments. It is hoped that this will help resolve some of the current inconsistencies around resourcing and aligning working processes across NHS environments.

All staff at SCAS will also get access to Loop, a workforce and engagement app fully integrated to the HealthRoster platform. Loop will give staff greater visibility and control over their working hours and leave. It will also give a more connected engagement experience with the ability for staff to interact with messages and content at an organisation, team and peer level.

Nick Wilson, CEO, Allocate, said, “Ambulance trusts have always been under a lot of pressure and never more so than during the recent pandemic. Yet, they manage to deliver an amazing service that helps their communities and saves lives on a daily basis. Allocate is truly proud to work with SCAS and bring them fit-for-the-future technology that will help the trust manage their workforce effectively, enable staff to get a better work experience and ensure that they are compensated for all of their hours worked.”

Steve West, Director of Planning and Performance Forecasting, said, “This is a great opportunity to further develop our systems, for the benefit of our staff and of course our patients across all our services. In doing so improving and streamlining our process allowing us to better plan our resources.”