SCHILLER’s DEFIGARD Touch 7 and EASY PULSE support you in every situation

The lightweight and small-sized medical rescue devices  DEFIGARD Touch 7 and EASY PULSE have been developed and manufactured by SCHILLER in Switzerland and France. Together, they have the necessary features to help rescue services save lives. They are user-friendly and specially designed to be used in any situation, be it in confined spaces, in air rescue or in unusual positions (eg CPR in head-up position).

The DEFIGARD Touch 7 emergency monitor and defibrillator with touch screen is extremely compact and offers the latest defibrillation technology in combination with comprehensive monitoring functions. It is equipped with a highly intuitive touch screen as well as the latest data transmission technology.

Main features include: ECG with six to 12 leads, diagnostic ECG with interpretation; non-invasive blood pressure measurement; SpO2 MASIMO Rainbow® (SpCO, SpMet, PI), with plethysmogram; EtCO2 (mainstream or sidestream); invasive blood pressure measurement; Bluetooth printer; ePCR ready; temperature; AED, manual defibrillator (sync/async), transcutaneous pacemaker; CPR feedback, metronome; and GSM, Wi-Fi data transmission

SCHILLER’s EASY PULSE compact mechanical CPR is the solution for more effective resuscitation: this portable, stand-alone device delivers high-quality chest compressions automatically at a consistent rate and depth.

Main features include: unique combination of stamp and band which allows a 3D compression and therefore maximum efficiency; easy to position – easy to operate; possible to use in head-up position; continuous or 30:2 cycles, frequency 100 compressions per minute; replaceable battery with charge level indicator (device delivered with two batteries); autonomous operation for 45 minutes (with just one battery); external DC input; and it is ideal for confined spaces, suitable for aircraft.

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DEFIGARD Touch 7 product video
EASY PULSE product video

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