SECAmb introduces high-tech medicines tracking system

7. SECAMb 07compA revolutionary new computer system has been introduced by South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust (SECAmb) to improve the traceability of its medicines.

The system will ensure that all aspects of medicines management, from procurement through to the point a particular drug is administered, is electronically recorded and tracked.

7. SECAmbSoftwareScreenshotDesigned by bespoke software development company DCSL Software Ltd, based in Farnborough, Hampshire, in partnership with SECAmb, the software ensures that all medicines can be efficiently accounted for and can be recalled for medical reasons.

SECAmb was the first ambulance trust in the UK to introduce a number of fingerprint scanning medicine cabinets to stock and dispense medicines and controlled drugs to ambulance clinicians. This latest introduction forms part of a ground-breaking project to improve the management of medicines.

SECAmb Medicines Management Lead Paul Cloves said, “This new system gives us better medicines management, tighter medicines controls and allows us to understand how we can best care for our patients. Our relationship with DCSL has proved very beneficial and the speed in which they have been able to assist us in the implementation of this new system has been excellent.

“SECAmb is leading in the way with this approach to medicines management in the ambulance service sector. Being able to see a complete picture of usage at the click of a button will revolutionise the way we monitor our use of medicines.”

Nick Thompson, Managing Director of DCSL Software, said, “We were given a great opportunity to work with SECAmb on a technically challenging project with tight deadlines. I was delighted to see my team go the extra mile and deliver the software on time. We hope that this opens more doors for DCSL and goes to show the efficiency and savings that can be made through well-designed bespoke software.”