Simple solution delivers elevated scene illumination

The Will-Burt Company has designed and manufactured an all-new light tower designed for international markets. The Night Scan Lite is a compact, roof-mounted, folding light tower that merges LED light technology with proven mechanical design to deliver fast and reliable elevated scene illumination.

The Night Scan Lite’s patent-pending design enables it to operate in the harshest environmental conditions so that it will perform when it is needed most: it has been proven to operate from minus 20°C to +70°C; the light positioner can break free from ice so that the powerful LED lights can be directed onto the rescue scene; and its wind survival rating is an incredible 160km/h. In addition, the 2m height allows the light tower to illuminate over obstructions and the angle of light will not blind the crew working the scene.

Powerful Night Scan X200 LED lamps with combination spot and flood light optics can illuminate over 380 square metres at 30 lux (30 lux provides a safe night time working environment according to the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA)).

The Night Scan Lite requires only 24V DC power (optional 12V DC available). No generators or air supply are needed. The package also includes a cabled handheld remote control and junction box with Emergency Stop button. Night Scan Lite is covered by a two-year warranty and meets all NFPA requirements.