Situational awareness tool for first responders

Primetech has announced a distribution partnership with Fotokite, the Swiss-based manufacturers of a situational awareness tool for first responders.

Fotokite Sigma is a vehicle-integrated pilotless aerial camera system that, launches, flies, and lands with the single push of a button giving first responders immediate situational awareness at a max of 45m (150ft) while simultaneously live streaming (over 4G) both thermal and low light video.

The Fotokite Sigma system comprises the ground station and the kite. A ruggedised tablet runs the Fotokite Live App and displays the secure Thermal IR and Low-Light EO video streams, giving teams actionable information throughout their mission. Live video delivery on-site comes standard and can be shared with team members for control hand-off and mutual aid responses. Optional remote video streaming via integrated cellular data modem enables off-site collaborators to review and provide remote incident support from anywhere. Teams can optionally and automatically maintain all response scene records for post-incident use such as training and evidence locker documentation.

Fotokite Sigma is available in either transportable or vehicle mounted configurations, is fully autonomous, operationally robust, provides continuous unattended flight, and is suitable for use in rain, snow, and windy conditions.