Software cuts emergency services response times

GGP_SNN_2014Software developed by GGP Systems is to help ensure emergency services get to destinations without delays caused by inaccurate address information. The software makes it easier and quicker to update essential address databases that are used by the emergency services, helping to reduce the risk of police, ambulance and fire and rescue services getting lost en route to an incident. The Street Naming and Numbering (SNN) module is the latest addition to the company’s award winning suite of Gazetteer Management Software, already used by local councils, police authorities and fire and rescue services.

GGP SNN is designed to speed up and simplify the naming and numbering of new streets and recently-built properties. Local authorities have a legal obligation to issue official addresses and the creation and maintenance of address data is essential for emergency service response, delivery of post and packages and record keeping for legal and statutory purposes. Strict guidelines must be adhered to ensuring names and numbers are appropriate, logical and consistent and newly created or updated information needs to be shared with a host of third party organisations.

“Street naming and numbering appears at first glance to be just another back-office function of the local council but it can be headline making,” says Tim Maxwell, Managing Director GGP Systems. “Cases of ambulances not being able to find a new house or getting lost en route to an emergency call out are rare but when they do happen they can have tragic consequences and are in most cases preventable.”

GGP SNN is a self-contained case management tool that facilitates the administration of the many contacts, correspondence, legal documents and tasks that make up the complex Street Naming and Numbering function of Local Government. GGP SNN has been developed in conjunction with several Local Authority Street Naming and Numbering Officers and is designed to address day to day requirements for document management, process automation and task generation.

GGP SNN offers multiple workflows that can be customised to suit individual requirements and can generate e-mails and letters from templates automatically populated with case data. GGP SNN maintains a list of all on-going cases and automatically presents a case status overview with reminders of essential and time critical tasks.

“GGP SNN will help improve the efficiency of the Street Naming and Numbering Process,” continued Maxwell. “Workflows, templates and reminders can all be used to speed up the process and improve communication between interested parties. The integrated financial module can be used to generate and track invoices and important documents are scanned and held digitally thus improving security and even saving money on storage.”

For further information visit the GGP website.