Supacat Utility Vehicle 600 unveiled

Supacat SUV 600 Fire Sep 13The all-new Supacat Utility Vehicle 600 (SUV 600) cost effectively fills a gap in the market for a rapid response vehicle, which also offers an off-road capability with the agility to access narrow routes and difficult terrain.

Using fresh thinking to develop the SUV 600, Supacat has adapted a production standard Land Rover Discovery 4×4 and added a third axle to increase payload capacity and physical space. This allows heavier and larger systems to be fitted, which broadens the usability of the vehicle.

At The Emergency Services Show 2013 at the NEC, Supacat exhibited the SUV 600 concept in a chassis cab configuration with separate functional box body, manufactured by Strongs, in the fire and rescue services role. Supacat also presented two other potential configurations based on an elongated body, both in low roof and high roof configurations, to perform further emerging requirements, for example for police, ambulance or outside broadcast roles.

“The SUV600 offers a capability that is not being met by existing off-the-shelf utility vehicles. Operators benefit from an up to date automotive base platform providing modern-day ride and handling to meet current demands, coupled with the payload capacity to carry the necessary equipment to perform a functional role,” said Bill Waddell, Supacat. “This is not a new concept as six-wheel Land Rover conversions have been done by others but this is the first Discovery 4 conversion and it is already attracting significant interest.”

The SUV 600 has a Gross Vehicle Weight of 5300kg and maximum payload of 2500kg. Maximum speed is 100mph delivered by a 3.0-litre 255hp turbocharged V6 diesel. Suspension is independent double wishbone air adjustable and drive is 6×4 high/low range and transmission is eight-speed automatic.

The Fire and Rescue Services configuration of the SUV 600 offers 750kg and up to 2000-litres of fire equipment payload. This configuration includes an integrated water tank with 500-litres of water, pump compartment with a Godiva HPX75, high pressure booster hose and reel, Foamlogix® foam proportioning system, BA Storage and four crew.

There is an option to fit a Compressed Air Foam System (CAFS) with integral foam tank. This illustration what can be achieved with the vehicle, a range of alternative pumping equipment and media could be integrated.

Supacat is a new entrant in the emergency services sector, bringing proven experience in the design and production of specialist vehicles combined with fresh thinking. Supacat has developed and integrated vehicles for specialist operations in the military, marine and oil and gas sectors and is responsible for the ‘Jackal’ high mobility patrol vehicle used by British Forces in Afghanistan.

For more information please visit the Supacat website.