Suzuki power ideal for emergency services boats


Humberside fire & rescue RIBs powered by 25hp Suzuki outboards.

Time is of the essence for safety, rescue and patrol boat operators. A Suzuki outboard can help you to react fast, thanks to the hours and passion Suzuki’s engineers put into developing its world-leading technology. Advanced, robust and reliable, a Suzuki outboard will help you get to every job without any fuss or drama.

Suzuki has been at the forefront of outboard technology since 1965. Since then it has continued to innovate in order to bring to market the very best four stroke outboard motors, many of which now feature industry-leading technologies such as Lean Burn Fuel Control to give outstanding fuel efficiency.

PCT_SGBM_Commercial_Lead Image

Redbay 6.5m patrol RIB powered by twin 90hp Suzuki outboards.

The current range spans from the lightweight and portable DF2.5 to the award winning power of the flagship DF300AP, so there is a Suzuki outboard to suit most requirements, whether it be for a small, transportable flood relief boat or a large patrol RIB.




There are many compelling reasons why Suzuki outboards are ideal for emergency services boats and some of the key ones have been listed below:


New Suzuki DF25A.

Ease of maintenance & less down-time

The fact that outboards are on the transom rather than installed in the boat allows easy and quick access for regular servicing and maintenance, which will help keep costs and down-time to a minimum. Suzuki’s national dealer network means that there will be a service centre near you.




Light weight

Many of Suzuki’s four stroke outboards are the lightest in their particular horsepower class as well as being comparable to equivalent 2-stroke outboards. For example, Suzuki’s innovative new DF25A and DF30A with battery-less fuel injection and Lean Burn Fuel Control are the same weight as a competitor’s 30hp 2-stroke model.

Quiet operation


New Suzuki DF30A.

All Suzuki four stroke outboards are incredibly quiet and easy to use. This means that using them very quickly becomes second nature and communication with other personnel or passengers is not hindered by excessive noise.

Outstanding power to weight ratio

Lightweight and compact, Suzuki’s market-leading outboards deliver plenty of low-end torque, instant throttle response, smooth acceleration and market leading top-end speed, while large diameter propellers aid low speed maneuverability.

Market-leading fuel efficiency

One of the key technologies that makes Suzuki outboards popular with commercial operators is Lean Burn Fuel Control. This technology delivers the optimum fuel/air mixture to the engine over a wide rev range and is designed to save fuel and money. For example both the new DF300AP and DF140A Lean Burn models are 14{b782e6485bad54f4d4eef610261c499b39e6ceae36370d8b5dbb547d38ca2d22} more fuel-efficient than their predecessors.


Advanced, robust and proven, Suzuki outboards will deliver the power you need when you need it and help you make the most efficient use of your time on the water.

George Cheeseman, Sales & Marketing Manager for Suzuki GB’s Marine Division, said, “Sales of Suzuki outboards into the commercial and emergency services sectors have grown considerably over the last five years. This is largely due to the excellent credentials and reputation that our products have got as they have been manufactured based on an understanding of the key demands and requirements of these sectors. In addition to this our commercial clients also appreciate the factory-supported back up service that we are able to provide.”

For more information please visit the Suzuki website.