Tablet docking stations achieve maximum operational flexibility

Gamber-Johnson has expanded its product portfolio to include mounting solutions specifically designed and engineered for two of the newest rugged devices on the market. – the Panasonic Toughbook® G2 and the Getac F110 G6.

Gamber-Johnson has released two models of tablet docking stations and two models of laptop docking stations to support the Panasonic Toughbook G2 device. The THIN G2 tablet docking station supports the G2 with small bumper guards and is designed to save cabin space when additional G2 accessories, such as a hand strap are not required. For full operational flexibility, the standard G2 tablet docking station will accommodate the G2 tablet’s extended battery, smart card reader, rear hand strap and large bumper guards.

Gamber-Johnson’s laptop docking stations supporting the Panasonic G2 with attachable keyboard feature dual docking connector protection. Each docking pin is protected utilising a spring-loaded retractable cover. This docking station’s floating docking connector also ensures a reliable connection even in the most rugged environments.

All Gamber-Johnson’s docking stations for the Panasonic G2 feature Panasonic Toughbook certified electronics for technical reliability with full port replication to connect to peripherals as well as optional external antenna connectivity.

In addition, Gamber-Johnson has also launched a new docking station for the Getac F110 G6 tablet. This docking station features Getac certified electronics with a composite chassis, which provides increased durability while maintaining a reduced weight. Downward-facing I/O ports, integrated cable restraint and cable management system simplify the installation while preserving cabin space. The Getac F110 Gen 6 tablet docking station has a pogo pin docking connector to ensure a reliable connection even in the most rugged environments.

All Getac F110 G6 tablet control buttons are accessible while docked, giving full functionality when on the go. The docking station accommodates the tablet’s mag stripe reader and rotating hand strap, allowing for uninterrupted productivity on the job. This docking station also features a front-facing latch button, making the tablet simple to dock and release with one hand, enabling first responders to operate in and out of their vehicle without delay. Gamber-Johnson’s F110 G6 docking station offers optional external antenna connectivity to improve network connection and a keyed lock to keep the tablet secure.

Both Gamber-Johnson docking stations are compatible with hundreds of Gamber-Johnson motion attachments to ergonomically position the device in a variety of emergency service vehicles.