Take command with the new HAIX COMMANDER GTX police boot

One of the most important pieces of kit for a police officer is their feet. From long hours standing, walking the beat in all weathers, to on-foot pursuits through tricky terrain, police work demands a lot from officers’ feet. With a long history of working with police services across the globe, specialist functional footwear manufacturer HAIX® understands the demands police officers place on their boots. With protection, durability and comfort the top priorities, HAIX has developed the new COMMANDER GTX.

Designed from the sole up with the most demanding wearers in mind, the COMMANDER GTX has been created to provide police officers with the levels of protection and comfort they need to do a demanding job, safely. Constructed from hydrophobic, breathable leather, the waterproof upper keeps feet dry, with Sun Reflect® technology working to reflect the sun’s rays and reduce internal boot temperature, keeping feet cooler. The boots’ GORE-TEX® Performance inner lining maintains waterproofing while being highly breathable, keeping wearers cool and comfortable and feet dry all year round, whatever the weather.

Being constantly on your feet throughout a patrol puts the lower body under high stress. Foot injury and pain can lead to long-term conditions that can put personnel out of action, from back pain to Policeman’s Foot Syndrome (Planter Fasciitis). The COMMANDER GTX features a stable sole unit and HAIX® two-zone lacing system that give wearers optimum pressure relief, cushioning and muscular support, ensuring correct foot posture – essential for maintaining comfort and minimising the risks of strains or long term foot injury.

To combat slippery underfoot terrain or similar hazards, the COMMANDER GTX features slip-resistant Rubber/PU soles that guarantee traction across surfaces, even those covered in petrol, water or oil. The robust rubber bumpers at the toe and heel extend the boots’ resilience, with protection from abrasion, giving the boots a longer wearable lifespan.

“With the COMMANDER GTX, we wanted to create a boot that works just as hard as the members of the police service do,” says Simon Ash, HAIX® UK Sales Manager. “Boots are among the first things that officers put on, and the last they take off, which makes them an incredibly personal item of protective equipment. They need to know they can rely on the highest levels of comfort, support and protection, and the high-quality materials and manufacturing processes used to develop the COMMANDER GTX have produced a boot they can count on, all day, every day.”