Terberg launches new multi-service vehicle at ESS2015

2. Terberg at ESS 08.15 HiResThe focal point of the Terberg Fire and Rescue stand at this year’s Emergency Services Show (ESS2015) will be the launch of the latest vehicle within the company’s extensive range of proven fire vehicles, known as Telstar (Terberg Emergency Life-saving Support Tactical Ancillary Rescue).

Uniquely designed to provide both fire service and first co-response ambulance support, Telstar provides a safe haven for emergency services, giving an effective response to the increasing number of callouts requiring combined fire and ambulance response.

Telstar is based on an extra-long wheelbase Mercedes Sprinter five-tonne chassis and combines a specialist Terberg designed collaborative body with joint fire fighting and paramedic first response equipment. The vehicle is designed to be based at local fire stations and meets the eight-minute target response.

At the rear of the truck is a fully compliant ambulance compartment, manufactured to full ambulance regulations with easy operator access. This section of the vehicle houses self-loading stretchers and all medical support requirements.

The middle compartment houses the fire fighting equipment, including an Hale HPX75 pump, a 60m hose reel and 500-litres of water, together with full breathing apparatus and cutting equipment for rapid entry. Telstar is designed to carry four crew, if required. Other configurations of Telstar are available can be designed to meet up with individual fire and rescue service requirements.