TETRA two-way pager from Motorola

4-motorola-tpg2200_pagerThe new ADVISOR™ TPG2200 TETRA two-way pager from Motorola Solutions enables voluntary firefighters, emergency medical services and healthcare workers to send a loud, clear alert to large groups over a broad area, indicating that help is needed. The pager also lets personnel acknowledge that they are responding to the call, which allows the sender to determine if they have sufficient personnel to effectively address the emergency.

The new pager features a fully integrated internal antenna and 1.8 Watt transmit power so that first responders can be quickly and safely reached – wherever they may be. Large buttons clearly indicate their functionality, making it easier to send and acknowledge pager alerts. The pager is easy to use, even with one hand, and allows first responders to quickly read messages on the bright 2in colour display. Thanks to its lightweight, compact and robust design, the TPG2200 can be carried anywhere. The pager is built to last and offers an Ingress Protection (IP) 54 rating against dust deposits and water splashes.

With integrated GPS capability, the pager helps the control room see where their emergency responders are. Moreover, public safety organisations can also identify TPG2200 users located in an emergency area and only alert those personnel instead of sending a callout to the entire population of TPG2200 users.

“With our ADVISOR TPG2200 we are reinforcing our commitment to developing mission critical solutions in close collaboration with our customers to meet the ever changing needs of first responders. The new pager has been developed together with one of our public safety customers and we plan to sell the device globally,” said Mark Schmidl, Vice President of Sales for Motorola Solutions in Europe, Middle East and Africa.