The SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar announces full programme details

Organisers of the SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar have announced the full programme, which will be held during The Emergency Services Show 2019. Taking place in the Drone Dome, Hall 5, at the NEC, Birmingham on Thursday 19 September and sponsored by SOARIZON®️ by Thales, the full-day programme offers visitors the opportunity to learn all the latest thinking on tactical and strategic use of drone technology for public safety applications.

Six speakers will reveal what lessons can be learned from research into drones for public safety; fully exploring what is possible using drones today and into the future.

How emerging technologies are improving the efficiency and operational effectiveness of emergency response is a key focus of The Emergency Services Show this year. Exhibition visitors will be able to see and touch the latest kit and discuss operational requirements with over 450 suppliers. Four dedicated theatres on the show floor will host a wide range of CPD-accredited seminar sessions focusing on Emerging Technologies, IT developments, Health & Wellbeing and Lessons Learnt from operational incidents.

Attendees at the SkyBound Rescuer Drone Seminar Day are expected to come from every part of the emergency services community including police, fire and ambulance; lowland, mountain, cave and coastal SAR; lifeboats and flood rescue units. The Seminar Day has been awarded 3.5 hours of CPD by the Institution of Fire Engineers (IFE).

The day opens with a thought-provoking presentation on Public Safety Drones – Yesterday, Today and Tomorrow by internationally renowned keynote speaker, Charles Werner; a pioneer of drones in public safety across the USA. He will examine how far public safety drones have come to date and outline a strategic vision to advance public safety drone use.

Five research-driven presentations will cover the latest in the field of drones for public safety in the UK and internationally.

Dr Amarjot Singh, Founder and CEO, Skylark Labs LLC and Harry Howe, CEO and Co-Founder, DroneStream will introduce the Intelligent Aerial Suspicious Analysis (ASANA) system. The ASANA System aids law enforcement agencies in effective monitoring of large public areas, helping to identify criminal and terrorist activities.

Gemma Alcock, CEO of SkyBound Rescuer, will share the results of her revolutionary research-driven Drone Procedure Optimisation Study. The results of which saw the creation of a SkyBound Rescuer Drone Deployment Pack, which standardises drone procedural performance to a high level. Trialled with Essex Police, its tools improved the accuracy of their newly qualified pilots by 31% and experienced pilots by 29%.

In Lifesaving Emergency Drones in Europe, Patrique Zaman, Founder of AVY, will share the company’s experience with medical deliveries by drones, featuring case studies with the Netherlands Air Ambulance, hospitals and blood banks.

In The Drone as a First Responder, Matt Sloane, Co-Founder of Skyfire, will explain how the ability to fly beyond line-of-sight has the potential to transform traditional vehicle-bound first response. He will also share how drones are being used for first response in one California town with amazing results.

Richard Glyn-Jones, Managing Director of DTSI Group will present Increasing the Probability of Detection in Maritime Search Through the Use of Autonomous Technology. Currently, the most effective way of finding a person at sea is having a person looking out of a window, but the probability of detection is less than 75%. New technology can increase the probability of detection, drastically reduce the time it takes to find people and reduce the time operators are put in danger.

To end the morning and afternoon sessions there will be an open questions and answers session featuring a panel of each session’s speakers.

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The Emergency Services Show 2019 will also feature companies exhibiting the latest drone technologies for public safety and emergency service use in the SkyBound Rescuer Drone Zone.

All aspects of The Emergency Services Show 2019, including the exhibition and seminars are free-to-attend, as is parking at the venue. To register for free entry to The Emergency Services Show and to find out more visit