Training centre invests in £200,000 scenario simulator

IFTC imageThe International Fire Training Centre (IFTC), one of the world’s leading fire training centres based at Durham Tees Valley airport, has invested £200,000 in a Advanced Disaster Management Simulator (ADMS).

The Command and Control system is designed for use by airports, industrial centres and port authorities and provides a realistic, interactive and dynamic virtual reality simulator with built-in artificial intelligence and physics-based effects.

ADMS bridges the gap between classroom and live exercises and enables delegates to gain necessary insight and skills to handle any type of fire emergency. High-fidelity simulation of the incident situation and emergency response services gives a real world feel and is an effective way to put teams through their paces and teach, assess, practice and rehearse various organisational roles in incident management.

The cutting-edge technology allows users to operate and train in multiple concurrent scenarios and is particularly suited to training exercises where situations escalate and require several levels of command and control. IFTC, which is owned by international service company Serco, is already a market leader in the provision of aviation fire training and the new investment will complement its extensively-equipped fire ground at Durham Tees Valley airport that attracts delegates from around the world.

IFTC’s Director of Training, Dennis Perkins, commented, “Our clients in the fire and rescue sector are the ones on the front line so they know that training should never be about ticking boxes. IFTC is known to have one of the best fire grounds of its kind anywhere in the world. By investing in the new ADMS system, we now have the versatile and relevant technology to provide a whole new dimension to the learning they will get here.”

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