Transform your fire appliance into a multi-tool to disinfect large outside areas

AWG, in partnership with Godiva, a performance leader in the fire apparatus industry, has introduced SANISTREET FLEX, a compact retrofit system, which can be installed onto fire pumps to dispense cleaning agents on a large scale.

With the worldwide battle against COVID-19, people are disinfecting surfaces to limit the spread of Coronavirus. When IDEX Fire & Safety asked its employees how the company might help in the fight against COVID-19, two of its companies, AWG and Godiva, worked together to create an innovative product to help fight the virus. Together they developed SANISTREET FLEX, a sprayer and cleaning agent induction system that mounts on a fire pump by simply attaching it to the delivery valve.

The SANISTREET FLEX will deliver the cleaning agent of your choice. Three mixing rates are available – 0.5%, 1%, and 3.5% – depending on your cleaning agent’s recommendations.

Not only is it a plug and play system, but it will protect fire pumps from early corrosion, as the cleaning agent completely bypasses the pump.

Fire departments can keep it handy on their fire appliance for use any time they need to clean anything. It can be used for public spaces like bus shelters, benches, railing, public area frontage, vehicles, and washing onsite firefighting equipment after being on a fire call.