Reliable emergency power from Honda portable generators

Honda SED48-Emergency ServicesSeddons Plant & Engineers Ltd has introduced two new Honda 110V portable generators to offer the emergency services reliable and ultra-quiet power generation in emergency situations.

The Honda EU10i 110V model delivers 0.9kW of clean, quiet electricity to power sensitive equipment, while the Honda EU17i 110V model delivers 1.7kW of smooth, clean power for more demanding applications.

Both generators are ultra-quiet in operation and the fully enclosed, sound reducing casing keeps noise down to just 52 decibels at 7m, which is quieter than normal conversational speech. Rubber feet minimise vibration and movement and Honda’s inverter technology allows the EU10i and EU17i to remain much smaller and lighter than comparable models, allowing them to be super portable and carried with ease.

Stephen Seddon, Managing Director of Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd, said, “There has been a great deal of demand for these 110V portable generators from fire and rescue services, police and forensics, the Ministry of Defence and other organisations involved in emergency prevention, response and recovery. They’re ultra-quiet so can be used in residential locations with minimal disturbance, and because they are compact and lightweight, they can be stored on emergency vehicles and easily carried to built-up areas or remote locations by one person. Although they’re highly portable, they’re still very powerful and deliver stable energy that’s even cleaner than electricity for the mains. The power delivered is free of surges or ‘spikes’ that can be detrimental in emergency situations.”

The smaller EU10i model is just 13kg in weight and is powered by an efficient Honda four-stroke engine with a 2.1-litre fuel tank. Honda’s unique EcoThrottle extends fuel economy further by allowing the generator to idle, speeding up only when there is demand for more power. This feature cuts down noise and fuel use, saving users money as well as giving extended periods of power without refuelling. The EU10i model provides 8.3 hours running time on a single tank and is suitable for powering all sorts of power tools and machinery, including sensitive electronic equipment.

The EU17i is powerful enough to run larger equipment, yet at 21kg it can be carried with ease. Powered by a Honda four-stroke engine with a 3.6-litre fuel tank, it runs for over 10 hours on a single tank of fuel, ensuring minimal fuel costs and maximum engine life. Like the EU10i, the unique EcoThrottle runs only as fast as the load demands, improving fuel consumption and extending engine life.

Both models are available to purchase from Seddons Plant & Engineers Ltd branches nationwide, by contacting 0845 230 4862 or by visiting