UAV with aquatic landing capability ideal for difficult searches

Mariner_1Search Systems Ltd, a leading UAV manufacturer in the UK, has developed the Mariner 600 UAV-ROV crossover, an unmanned multicopter with aquatic landing capability and interchangeable aerial and marine camera views.

Providing a live video feed with military grade encryption, the Mariner 600 is ideally suited to difficult searches of inland waterways, under trees, riverbanks and quarries. Utilising a multirotor flight control system with surface thrusters for driving on water, the Mariner 600 is the ideal vehicle for working over water or shallow searches. Working alongside a dive team, the UAV-ROV crossover provides pre-dive information on inaccessible points, potential entanglements and an aerial view of the search area.

Designed to high specifications and aimed at the cost conscious buyer, the Mariner 600 is compatible with existing Search Systems ground stations and mobile command units, making it a low cost upgrade to existing unmanned assets or an excellent entry to the market with dual aerial and aquatic capability.

Mariner_2Michael Thompson, Sales Director at Search Systems Ltd, said, “As a former diver, the benefit of an instant aerial view is fantastic but the ability to fly into tight spaces, reach the bottom of riverbanks or sheer quarry cliffs takes UAV assistance to a whole new level. Our early underwater footage was excellent and now with the Mariner able to manoeuvre on the surface, any UAV operator can fly and drive the Mariner with ease.”

The Mariner 600 includes an electro optical camera as standard with thermal available as an upgrade.