UK’s first Tactical Training College launches

The UK’s first commercially available tactical training centre will be launching at The Emergency Services Show. The Tactical Training College (TTC) is a purpose-built, stand-alone facility situated in the Midlands. It has been launched to enable emergency services and military professionals to conduct training across a wide range of disciplines, including public order and firearms. Facilities include a furnished search house, outdoor space for scenario training, meeting space and classrooms with AV facilities, a restaurant, communal chillout lounge, accommodation, onsite parking and gym facilities.

The TTC opened in July 2021 and has been designed for all the emergency sectors, including firearms units, HART, NARU, NCA and BTP. TTC’s furnished search house offers a full package product, including ceiling-mounted camera technology and body cameras that feed into a monitored viewing area for real time footage or playback in the onsite classrooms. The TTC also offers the latest sound technology, with distraction noise and real-life sound effects, while black out mode allows for NVG training.

“We have launched the Tactical Training College in response to the growing demand for tactical training space,” said General Manager Jason Petty. “We have worked with the emergency services and military professionals to design and create a professional environment that caters for their very specific indoor and outdoor training needs.”

The TTC is approved for use of Simunition Blanks, Simunition FX Marking Cartridges, UTM Man Marker Round (MMR) and one bang distraction devices. Target stands are provided.

“We can arrange for clients to have access to the armouries at our local army camp or police HQ for secure weapons storage, and access to our local firing range can also be arranged in advance,” continues Petty. “The discreetly located TTC dedicated car park allows for vehicle strike training as well as parking for service vehicles. In addition, we offer confined space and working at height training areas.

“We are delighted to be able to launch the TTC at the Emergency Services Show and we look forward to meeting with the blue light sector to discuss their specific training needs.”