Unique mental health video ‘a must-see’

A new fire video from Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service has been setting social media alight.

The footage features Hampshire Fire and Rescue Service firefighters and officers talking about mental health, exploding myths and attempting to remove the stigma. It has been backed by The Samaritans and The Fire Fighters Charity and seen by more than 100,000 people. It has been picked up nationally by other UK fire and rescue services.

The five-minute film short – made in-house by the HFRS team – shows pairs of people having honest conversations about their experiences and reflections. These include people from all parts of the service from frontline firefighters and office personnel up to the Deputy Chief Fire Officer Andy Bowers. Andy said, “Everyone knows somebody suffering from poor mental health and as a service we don’t want to hide from this – it is important that everyone knows they can start a conversation. Statistics show emergency services do have a high number of people who have experienced poor mental health partly due to the challenges they face and partly because we actively encourage people to come forward and access help and support.

“Everyone who works in the emergency services, has worked in the emergency services or wants to work in the emergency services in the future should consider this video a must-see.”

The video was launched during Mental Health Awareness Week, 14-20 May.