UV air sterilisation provides 24/7 infection control

CorrMed is working with AIRsteril for UK, an air purification system used widely within ambulances, prisons, call centres and washrooms, providing 24/7 infection control and odour elimination. The technology is already used in 1000 ambulances globally, removing airborne microorganisms, viruses and particles in as little as 60 minutes.

How does it work?

The advanced UV system uses a proven combination of sterilising, cleaning and purifying technologies, including germicidal UV light, dual UV operation, PCO (photocatalytic oxidation) and a purifying plasma of superoxide ions and optional ozone.

Testing by the Health Protection Agency has demonstrated product efficacy. More recent testing by Leeds University shows airborne microorganisms were undetectable after just 60 minutes.

What are the benefits?

Aside from fresher, cleaner, more hygienic air, benefits include: a reduction in absenteeism. A quantified call centre study showed a 42% reduction in absenteeism, particularly for asthma, cold, cough, influenzas, chest and respiratory problems. The equivalent cost saving was £213,704 over the nine-month monitoring period; extending the ambulance deep cleaning cycle by one month, offering cost savings and improved efficiency; pathogens, viruses, bacteria, fungi, mould spores and allergens are removed from the air and surface; vandal proof and mobile systems available; elimination of unpleasant odours; and the system is quick to set-up and low maintenance.

CorrMed is a UK company founded by infection surveillance experts, providing infection prevention and safety products, with focus on quality and the best available products on the market.