VCS to produce new Volkswagen Crafter Dual Crewed Ambulance

Ambulance conversion specialist VCS has partnered with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles to produce the UK’s first Dual Crewed Ambulance (DCA) based on a Volkswagen Crafter.

Using VCS’s ultra-lightweight Core Capture technology, the Volkswagen Crafter promises to have an operational weight of less than 4.0T, without sacrificing the strength, quality and durability for which both brands are renowned. In addition, its operational weight will leave no need for ambulance services to compromise on the level of medical equipment they can carry (calculated at 285kg plus 90kg per person under the NHS SLA). VCS’s lightweighting technologies and manufacturing techniques means the 4.0T Volkswagen Crafter DCA can now be considered for frontline emergency duties.

Paul Croom, Sales Director at VCS, said, “We are delighted to be working with Volkswagen Commercial Vehicles on our new Volkswagen Crafter Dual Crewed Ambulance. The fact that we can deliver this new ambulance is testament to the adaptability of our Core Capture technology and the ingenuity of our engineering and production teams and we are very excited to be able to offer the Crafter as an option for the NHS and private sector.”

Designed, developed and produced at VCS’s facility in Bradford, West Yorkshire, the first Volkswagen Crafter DCA will be officially launched later this year, when further details will be released.