Vehicle mounting solution for the IC-SAT100 satellite PTT radio

Icom has introduced a mobile mount for the IC-SAT100 satellite PTT radio. The new solution comprises a heavy-duty BC-247 cradle, an HM-222 fist mic and an AH-40 mag-mount antenna. The solution will be ideal for IC-SAT100 users who wish to benefit from an in-vehicle mount and will be popular among public safety and humanitarian organisations.

Central to the mounting kit is the rugged BC-247 charging cradle within which the radio firmly clicks in place, the radio is easily secured with the rubber restraining strap*. The HM-222 fist-mic is a speaker-mic so loud and clear audio is instant.

Installation of the mount is straightforward; it is capable of operation between 9V and 32V DC so use in a car, truck or even on a motorcycle is a straightforward application with just one version for all.

The radio will also be charged while in the dock and there is a neat anti-theft function, which can trigger an external horn when the radio is removed from the charger. This function can be deactivated with a press of a button.

The BC-247 charging cradle is supplied with a DC cable, a BC-242 multi-plug AC adapter, cable adapter, AH-40 magnet-mount external antenna and a HM-222 speaker microphone to complete the in-vehicle solution.

*Removal and refitting of helical necessary to use in or out the vehicle