Vehicle technology specialist Handsfree selected as ESN supplier

Handsfree has been selected as one of the framework suppliers to provide fixed vehicle devices (FVD) and associated accessories to the UK Emergency Services Network (ESN) and the other User Operator (UO) emergency communities.

The specialist ESN (Emergency Services Network) Division at Handsfree Group is a specialist single-point destination supporting first response clients including police, ambulance and fire and rescue services with adaptable vehicle technology solutions. The company’s ESN solutions will provide a suite of integrated solutions and compatible applications that will deliver mission critical push-to-talk voice and high-speed data services to the emergency services communities

Handsfree’s expert team supplies and installs the latest market leading emergency vehicle technology on-site and also through its specialist vehicle installation centre, a high spec purpose built 10,000sqft workshop facility.

Its installation team has over 15 years’ specialist international emergency service experience. Handsfree Group installers are all FITAS accredited, work to the highest FCS 1362 industry standards and offer full coverage across the UK, USA and Ireland.

Handsfree knows how to handle both bespoke and standard vehicle installations of critical vehicle communication, safety and security solutions. The company is a single-point destination supporting emergency service clients with a wide range of critical communications, safety and fixed vehicle device solutions (FVD) along with Datalive tracking and telematics solutions.

The FVD critical communications line-up from Handsfree includes the robust TECh PT5 Communication solutions. PT5 devices are equipped, as standard, with WiFi, phone calls, two-way comms and Push to Talk (PTT), while being fixed in situ with remote SIM cards.

Handsfree supports its emergency service clients in the supply and installation of tracking and telematics, critical communications, safety equipment and fixed vehicle device (FVD) technology solutions.

The company’s experience serving the police, fire and rescue and ambulance services means that bespoke and standard vehicle installations are fitted with critical communications systems that ensure your emergency teams can continue their work in the safest possible way.