Venari Group launches Ziegler Z-Class airport fire fighting vehicle

Venari Group, exclusive UK partner to the Ziegler Group, has announced that the technologically advanced Z-Class ARFFV (aircraft rescue fire fighting vehicle) is now available to British and Irish airports following its global launch on 17 September. The vehicle was originally due to launch for the first time in the UK on 6 October at Venari headquarters, as part of the Airport Fire Officers’ Association (AFOA)’s annual general meeting, which was postponed due to increasing COVID-19 restrictions.

The Z-Class is the latest evolution in air crash truck production from Ziegler Group, which is set to raise the bar in terms of both frontline fire fighting and firefighter safety. The vehicle displays unprecedented acceleration values, the most powerful drive motor on the market, an extremely spacious cabin (Z-Cab AiR) and much more, including: Pump & Roll mode, which can be activated in every driving mode and at any speed; the modular concept, weight distribution and a low centre of gravity enable the largest possible quantity of extinguishing agent, up to 19,000-litres of water/extinguishing foam; crew cabin with a headroom in excess of 1.8m and all-round visibility thanks to large-scale glazing; user-friendly operating concept (intuitive user guidance) for airport fire fighting vehicles by the latest generation of Z-Control; consistent, functional design of the vehicle; and all components of the extinguishing system are from one source (pump, foam ad mixing system).

Oliver North, CEO, Venari Group, said, “The global unveiling of the new Z-Class on 17 September provided the aviation fire fighting sector with reassurance that the bar can be, and is still being, raised, in a market which has craved this level of progression for such a long time. After supplying countless ARFFVs into countless major UK airports, I genuinely believe the new Z-Class provides the step up which has been desired for the past five years.

“With unrivalled speed, the highest certified level of crash protection for the firefighter, a pump and roll capability at any speed, the single most ergonomically refined operation which I’ve ever seen, all packaged together with the most striking aesthetics for a fire fighting truck – the Z-Class is, as far as I’m concerned, now seated at the throne as the ARFF to beat.

“The coronation has unfortunately but understandably been delayed, but the Z-Class is very much here and ready to raise the bar for the British aviation fire fighting market.”