Versatile helmet provides safety, comfort and purpose

The Cean XT4-G2, available from Cean Helmets Inc, was engineered for boat forces, maritime rescue and mountain operations with a buoyant, low-profile, lightweight (540g) and multi-adaptable helmet design providing safety, comfort and purpose for the mission at hand.

The helmet features a high-impact Polycarbonate blend shell with UV and flame-resistant properties. It incorporates an inner high-density liner with replaceable closed cell foam comfort padding in two sizes. The webbing comes in two widths, is mildew resistant, and is available with a flame retardant option. Detachable ear pads provide side impact protection, allowing users to have a CEAN SAR-COMM ‘waterproof headset’ or ear defenders.

The Multi-Flex vertical adjustment cradle swings down to sit below the occipital bone, forming a snug fit that provides hair bun wearers easy adjustment. The Cean XT4-G2 design also reduces bucketing, does not interfere with inflatable life vests, and can be worn with a 4mm neoprene balaclava.

The Cean XT4-G2 is available in a range of standard and high-visibility colours along with reflective striping and lettering. Options such as lights, ear defenders, night vision, strobe and PLB are easily fitted. The helmet has a three-year warranty and a five-year shelf life, is certified to SE-EN-12492:2012, tested to specification BSI: PAS 028:2002, and can be fitted with military H-strap for use with night vision.

An affordable multi-purpose helmet, the Cean XT4-G2 is currently used in 15 countries by military, coastguard, fire and rescue services, technical rescue teams, PWC operators and trainers. Rescue swimmers are also drawn to the user-friendly SAR-COMM, as it connects to most hand-held radios used in the maritime rescue environment.

The Cean XT4-G2 is a welcome addition to many, has been a ‘lifesaver’ for a crew in the Bering Sea, and would be an integral part of any military, coastguard, or rescue operation.