Visionable: sharing their vision for a more connected emergency services

The Emergency Services Show, which took place from 7-8 September at the NEC in Birmingham, is all about the coming together of great minds to revolutionise the emergency services. In partnership with Excelerate, Visionable brought its Connected Emergency Services Solution to showcase how through the company’s technology and connectivity, diagnosis and treatment can be sped up by bringing in the right people and information at the optimum time, regardless of location.

Visionable’s Connected Emergency Services Solution is aimed at enhancing patient care by connecting first responders and emergency vehicles to remote specialists, while sharing patient information and medical data as well as live video feeds. Through a collaboration platform, wearable technology, a connected app, and connected vehicles, pre-hospital clinicians are enabled to give the best care possible when an incident occurs. In essence, Visionable hopes to ‘lighten the burden’ for paramedics and other emergency healthcare teams through the use of technology that seamlessly works alongside clinicians.

Of course, technology forms a huge focus of The Emergency Services Show, but it is the people, the attendees and the exhibitors that help to inform technology like Visionable’s. At the exhibition, the Visionable team spoke with people from all over the emergency services community about their pain points. Staffing and equity of care stood out as the biggest challenges. How then, can technology like Visionable, serve those who attend incidents?

Two of Visionable’s medical advisors and paramedics attended a panel discussion at the exhibition to discuss this topic. Nigel Harley and David Davis, along with Simon Hill (Excelerate) and Sally Eason (Arden and GEM CSU) shared their ideas as part of the panel discussion Enabling Digital Transformation and Integrated Care Pathways across Healthcare on the first day of the show.

“My fantasy as a paramedic is where my burden is lighter and my focus therefore can be more on patient care.”
David Davis, Paramedic, The Emergency Services Show 2021

David Davis said, “For me, the digital transformation journey starts making life easier. It allows us to collect information about patients more quickly; it brings information across all the sources together and allows the patient to not just be an event that happens in front of you, but a part of their overall healthcare journey.” Through its technology, Visionable’s vision is for truly connected emergency services. Paramedics are provided with the ability to bring in remote specialists and consultants to the scene or in the ambulance and share information across a reliable and uncompromised connection. Visionable is connected health in action.

But what might that look like in the real world? Nigel Harley went on to paint that picture. He said, “If you can stream to a consultant psychiatrist with high quality and they see the patient and [I can] have a three-way conversation with that patient and that consultant, then that patient is going to get far better care.” In this case, a paramedic is avoiding needless conveyancing, freeing up their ability to move onto the next patient, as well as providing better care.

And better care for all is the ultimate goal at Visionable.

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