Warning the World: Premier Hazard showcases emergency lighting and CCTV solutions

Caprice-Solex3As a leading manufacturer of vehicle hazard warning and camera equipment for emergency services, commercial and highway service use, Premier Hazard has been serving customers worldwide for over 30 years. In addition to the design, manufacture and supply of high-quality components in the UK, the company also offers comprehensive camera packages and vehicle installation services for a full range of both blue and amber light vehicles.

The NAPFM event, which takes place from 7-8 June at the International Centre in Telford, will see Premier Hazard preview the new Solex™ lightbar and also show the Pursuit™ LED lightbar, which is now available to UK customers.

Solex Reflect-splitThe Solex™ bar incorporates a modern, cutting-edge design that is both aerodynamic in appearance and performance, providing all the capabilities and more from the leader in innovative emergency services lighting. Solex™ is available in two lengths, 47in (1194mm) and 53in (1346mm) and offers a wide range of options including Multicolour technology, which provides two full signals out of one light-head – there is no compromise of signal strength or size by splitting an LED in half to provide two colours.

The Pursuit™ bar has been designed from the ground up as a solid-state LED lightbar, uniquely featuring two levels of lighting in a low profile chassis. The upper deck provides full 360ᴼ warning lighting, while the lower deck offers the opportunity to specify auxiliary lighting such as scene illumination or traffic director functions. Available in bar lengths from 750mm up to 1800mm and with a wide range of options including single or dual colour upper light heads, auto dimming and integrated solar panels, the Pursuit™ bar represents the best high specification emergency vehicle lightbar available in the UK.

Roy McClarty, Emergency Services Director at ESG Europe, said, “The Solex™ and Pursuit™ use the latest LED technology and are exclusively available in the UK from Code 3 and Premier Hazard. These bars are the result of an ESG (ECCO Safety Group) global collaboration involving highly skilled product specialists from the UK, the USA and Australia working together to offer UK customers the ultimate LED warning product with class leading performance and efficiency.”

Watchguard advertorial imagePremier Hazard continues to develop one of the UK’s most comprehensive ranges of complete vehicle CCTV solutions, and has recently partnered with WatchGuard Video to extend the range. This now includes high definition cameras, versatile mobile DVRs, high resolution single and split screen monitors and safety proximity sensors. Premier Hazard’s range is suitable for all types of emergency vehicles, including response cars, prisoner transport vans, frontline ambulances and fire appliances and offers advanced telematics with intuitive, user-friendly software.

On display at NAPFM will be the latest IP cameras and WatchGuard video designed to optimise fleet usage while providing evidential quality protection for your workforce and other road users.

Roy McClarty explained, “The Premier Hazard team of experienced advisors and installers can provide free fleet assessments to ensure the right equipment is specified for individual needs and budgets. The result is a vehicle that is tailor-made for our customers’ requirements with no unnecessary features or wasted options. Only Premier Hazard customers benefit from this personalised, reliable service.”

WatchGuard is a leader in mobile CCTV technology, investing over US$40m in R&D culminating in advancements that have revolutionised the industry. Premier Hazard is supplying the 4RE HD in-car video system, which provides brilliant image clarity with 720p high definition resolution for important video evidence while simultaneously using less overall file storage and providing the industry’s quickest upload times. In addition, it boasts ‘Record-After-the-Fact’ technology that gives users the power to go back in time and capture important video that was not originally recorded, even days after it happened. This feature has enabled thousands of police services to avoid countless lawsuits and helped to solve hundreds of criminal cases that no other in-car system would have captured.

Roy McClarty said, “We are seeing a huge rise in the number of customers who are anxious to protect themselves from fraudulent insurance claims. It is now commonplace in our society for certain individuals to exploit loopholes open to them just ‘because they can’. The WatchGuard system dovetails into our comprehensive range of DVR systems for police traffic cars and body worn cameras.”