Women’s health is focus for new Fire Fighters Charity campaign

The Fire Fighters Charity women’s health campaign.

The Fire Fighters Charity has launched a new awareness programme focused on women’s health, to better inform women in the fire and rescue service – as well as families of personnel – about ways of improving their wellbeing, at work and at home.

The programme focuses on four key areas: menopause, female cancers, ageing healthily and osteoporosis, all of which impact huge numbers of women in the fire and rescue service every day.

The Charity will be sharing exclusive articles, videos, exercise tutorials and and more throughout the coming four weeks on its website as well as real-life stories of women it’s helped with their health and wellbeing.

The Charity’s Nursing Services Lead is Kath Savage. She says, “While women in the UK on average live longer than men – research has shown that they spend a significantly greater time in ill health and disability. Therefore, being able to make healthier choices – and being better informed – could greatly help women to live healthier, longer lives, personally and professionally across the fire and rescue service.”

The Fire Fighters Charity supports serving and retired fire and rescue service personnel, their dependants and other eligible members of the UK fire services community, throughout their lives, helping them to live happier and healthier.