XC90 ground response for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance

Two converted Volvo XC90s have been chosen to provide the ground response for Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service.

The Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service (EHAAS) delivers a first-class pre-hospital emergency medical service to the people of Essex, Hertfordshire and surrounding areas, and settled on the Volvo XC90 as its ground response car of choice after an intensive procurement process.

Increasingly the service uses cars as well as helicopters to provide emergency care, particularly in poor weather when it’s impossible to fly.

Cliff Gale, Director of Operations at EHAAS, said, “Following a rigorous procurement process, the Volvo XC90 was chosen enabling Essex and Herts Air Ambulance to maximise efficiency in responding to incidents by road.”

Stuart Elms, EHAAS Clinical Director, explains the vehicle selection process. He said, “After extensive testing, it was found the Volvo XC90 was most suited for our operation both now and allowing for future changes. We were very pleased with the level of help and advice received from Volvo Special Vehicles.”

The news follows the recent publication of government figures which revealed there have been no occupant deaths in UK car-to-car crashes for the XC90 since it was launched in 2002. The statistics, provided by the police from personal injury accidents on public roads, show that no XC90 driver or passenger fatalities have been reported since records began*.

Ian Reger, Special Vehicles Manager at Volvo Car UK, said, “We are delighted the Essex and Herts Air Ambulance Service identified the XC90 as the best vehicle to meet its ground response requirements. Recent government figures on the XC90’s five-star safety package endorses its decision and underlines our confidence in the model as the safest vehicle on the road.”

Air ambulances see Volvo cars as key vehicles to perform a response role, both in performance and suitability. The XC90 is the best vehicle to fit Volvo Car UK’s ‘Authorities’ specification, that is modified in the factory to handle the demands of emergency response at higher speeds. Volvo Car UK has supplied vehicles to all branches of the emergency services in the UK and has done since the 1960s.

* The statistics relate only to personal injury accidents on public roads that are reported to the police, and subsequently recorded, using the STATS19 accident reporting form. Source: https://data.gov.uk/dataset/road-accidents-safety-data