YPO introduces national Incident Command Control Software System framework

Recent events have led to a highlighted need for fast control at the scene of an incident. YPO understands the current uncontrollable factors that are affecting the way in which our emergency services can operate. In modern day emergency response, it is important for data communications between command units to be simple and effective, allowing for complete control of an incident, through effective data output and receipt.

Due to high customer demand from across the emergency services sector, YPO has introduced a national framework that can cater to the need for a complete control of an incident – Incident Command Control Software System. The framework is for the supply and implementation of an intuitive incident command, control and support system, allowing for connectivity through all electronic devices that are required to be used at the scene of an incident.

This is a national framework that allows for flexibility and adaptability, resulting in a useful purchasing platform that really works for the customer. Through mini-competition, YPO provides the opportunity for the customer to write their own specification. In turn, a bespoke software system can be designed and created that meets the varying needs of all our customers and not just a one size fits all approach.

YPO is a not-for-profit organisation, set up to aid the public sector to buy better. With over 40 years of procurement experience, the organisation works closely alongside its customers – ensuring a fully compliant purchase of goods and services. YPO’s emergency services team works with establishments throughout the United Kingdom to develop a deep understanding of the procurement needs within this sector.

Boasting the only dedicated emergency services team at any public sector buying organisation in the country, YPO can offer a unique position for your needs through working closely with you to create competition between pre-qualified suppliers to generate the best value for you.

For more information regarding the Incident Command Control Software System framework, please contact the YPO emergency services team on the details below:
E-mail: emergencyservices@ypo.co.uk
Tel: 01924 836 992