You may have heard of Martyn’s Law, named after Martyn Hett who was one of 22 people tragically killed in the Manchester Arena bombing in May 2017. His mother, Figen Murray OBE, spoke to me about her journey from therapist to campaigner and her drive to make sure that staff in venues like the Arena can better respond when the worst happens.

New legislation means that fire and rescue services and ambulance services must ensure that a minimum service operates in specified services during periods of strike action.

HMI Andy Cooke has published his first annual assessment of policing in England and Wales and says that inspectors should be given more power to help police forces improve and given the power to direct a police force when there are significant concerns about public safety. The State of Policing 2022 includes a recommendation to re-establish the role of the inspectors of constabulary in selecting and appointing police chief officers.

From 23 January, those responsible for fire safety in high rise residential buildings in England must by law provide information to fire and rescue services. Residents will now have better access to information about the fire safety measures in place in their buildings.

PC Andrew Harper was killed protecting the public. The Government has announced that Harper’s Law, named in his honour, has…