Multi-lingual life-saving training aid

A life-saving training aid has been produced in four additional languages to help more people learn how to perform cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). Yorkshire Ambulance Service NHS Trust launched the Pillow Partner last year as a simple, effective and inexpensive way of learning how to save the life of someone in cardiac arrest. And now the… Read more »

MSA Bristol delivers for North Yorkshire FRS

Firefighters across North Yorkshire are sporting smart new kit, following the recent delivery of new PPE from MSA Bristol. Last year, North Yorkshire Fire and Rescue Service (FRS) ordered top-to-toe structural fire fighting kit for 670 firefighters working out of 38 stations across the county, working to a go-live date of 25October. Purchased through the… Read more »

Northumberland FRS invests in Dräger’s new PSS® AirBoss SCBA

Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service (NRFS) has become the first UK fire and rescue service to invest in Dräger’s new AirBoss Self Contained Breathing Apparatus (SCBA) with telemetry, as it looks to provide its firefighters with the most advanced fire safety equipment on the market today. Northumberland Fire and Rescue Service is one of the… Read more »

The only glucose meter technology with no known clinical interferences

StatStrip® Xpress®2 Glucose/Ketone meters offer simple, fast and accurate testing in the field. Abnormal glucose levels are frequently encountered in ambulance patients, and critically ill patients regularly exhibit confounding factors such as abnormal haematocrit levels and complex drug regimens that can cause glucose meter inaccuracy. StatStrip Glucose patented technology automatically measures and corrects for these… Read more »

Control system update for Bronto Skylift’s high-rise range

The soul of Bronto Skylfit’s HLA-range aerial platforms is the Bronto+ control system. The HLA-range has featured a third generation Bronto3+, but is now been upgraded to the latest and most advanced control system, the 5th generation Bronto5+. For operators this means faster levelling, easier control of working lights, light groups and cage load, bigger… Read more »

Truckman solution provides CFRs with rapid access to equipment

South Staffordshire First Responders (SSFR) have been given a helping hand by Truckman, which has supplied its DECKED storage solution to ensure its volunteers can quickly access potentially life-saving equipment from its pick-up truck. The bestselling pull-out drawer storage system has been fitted to the Community First Responders’ (CFRs’) recently donated Mercedes X-class pick-up truck,… Read more »

British firm tackles climate change with electric hybrid scooter

White Motorcycle Concepts (WMC) has unveiled its revolutionary new electric hybrid scooter – the WMC300FR. The bike is designed specifically for use as a fully operational first response vehicle, which will help bring emergency services into line with new national objectives to combat the effects of climate change and cost reduction. The pioneering British engineering… Read more »

New extinguishing system for burning batteries in electric vehicles

Rosenbauer has launched a new extinguishing system for burning traction batteries in electric vehicles. The system can be used to safely and efficiently extinguish lithium-ion based high-voltage batteries. It enables direct cooling of the battery modules, or the cells within the modules, and thus a quick stop to the propagation of the thermal runaway of… Read more »

Escape hood recognised at Plastics Industry Awards 2021

Winners of the Plastics Industry Awards 2021 awards were announced on 2 December and included a win for Avon Protection. The company won Best Industrial Product Design for its CH15 Compact CBRN Escape Hood, developed in conjunction with The Combatting Terrorism Technical Support Office. The awards were live-streamed from the Waldorf Hilton in London. Organisations… Read more »